Wed, 24 Apr 2019

A second Korean War is not just unlikely but out of the question as North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un has nothing to gain but only lose in the new war, a professor has said.

While the rest of the world views the spectacle unfolding in North Korea with a mixture of bafflement, a history professor at Kookmin University in Seoul, Andrei Lankov has published his trenchant observations in 'The Real North Korea'.

Sixty years after the Korean War split the peninsula in half, leaving an uneasy truce, Lankov is confident that a second Korean War is not just unlikely but out of the question: 'Zero-point-zero percent (chance)'.

According to CBS News, Lankov flatly said that a war was not possible because of the regime's side-shaved, pudgy dictator Kim Jong Un.

Lankov asked rhetorically 'why a young, fat boy, who is in love with his wife, who loves his cars, palaces great food would commit suicide by starting a war he has no chances to win - and he knows it'.

The professor added that he knew that starting a war will get him and his entire family most likely killed in matter of days, if not hours?'

North Korea is sobering proof that even destitute countries - provided they're indifferent to world opinion and able to focus on weapons development consistently over many years - can now possess nuclear arms.

Like it or not, Lankov said, the world has no choice but to accept North Korea as a nuclear state.

He said that North Korea will never surrender these gains, adding that 'de-nuclearization is a completely unrealistic policy goal. The North Koreans are not going to exchange their nukes for any amount of economic aid, or blackmailed into surrender by any tough sanctions.

The only option, he said, is paying the Kim government to freeze its weapons development or, in other words, slow the North Korean arms program without dismantling it.

Lankov said there's an outside chance Kim could maintain the status quo, or even adopt Vietnam- or Chinese-style economic reforms.

But far more probable, he argued, is either domestic crisis followed by Chinese intervention or, even more likely, a collapse or overthrow of the Kims followed by German-style unification with South Korea, the report added. (ANI)

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